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PaCSIA is currently organising and faciliating the Community Café Dialogues 2012. We have conducted two community café dialogues in North Brisbane and two in South Brisbane, as well as one interfaith community café at the Multi-Faith Centre at Griffith University. Community cafés are facilitated large group dialogues which allow participants to share stories about themselves, their communities and cultural backgrounds. The use the World Café Conversations facilitation method and bring together people from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds with new and emerging communities as well as firmly established communities. In a friendly and welcoming atmostphere participants enjoy each other’s company, build relationships and learn from each other. In the last dialogues we talked about the importance of building connections between neighbours and of positive responses to cultural stereotyping. We were also able to welcome a group of thirty Nepali speaking refugees from Bhutan, some of them had only arrived in Australia a few weeks ago.

Below is a video explaining the community café process:

The Community Café Dialogues 2012 affirm that everyone belongs and makes a valuable contribution in our community, and that this starts with building strong relationships as people who live together in this city. PaCSIA is partnering with Brisbane City Council, Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland and Griffith University Multi-Faith Centre to deliver the community café dialogues. Serge Loode from PaCSIA works with Ally Wakefield and Nancy Bamaga, both experienced community development workers, to organise and conduct the cafés. They are supported by a team of students from the peace and conflict studies program at the University of Queensland and by international student ambassadors.

Dates and venues for the last two cafés:

21 July 2012, 1.00pm to 4.00pm, Zillmere Senior & District Club, 52 Murphy Rd, Zillmere.

28 July 2012, 1.00pm to 4.00pm, Moorooka Bowls Club, 76 Koala Rd, Moorooka.