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Good news for the Community Café Dialogues. As a finalist for Wesley Mission Brisbane’s Campaign for Change Serge Loode and PaCSIA have won one of the finalist awards and Wesley Mission Brisbane will work with the Community Cafés Team to expand the program and help us run more Community Cafés and attract sponsors so that the program will go on.

Last year Serge put in an application for the inaugural Campaign for Change Award program run by Wesley Mission Brisbane. Out of more than 80 entries the Community Café Dialogues were shortlisted together with 4 other ideas. Since then Serge has been busy promoting the program and doing interviews and photo shoots for local newspapers. The crucial event was a presentation on 9 February in which we presented the program to a panel at Wesley Mission Brisbane. Here is a photo of the Community Cafés Team which made the presentation to the panel:

Many thanks to Aunty Gail, Uncle David, Aunty Margret, Ally, Tim, Fatima, Joseph, Noor and Abdul. The panel was really impressed by the cultural diversity of the group and everyone spoke about how Community Café had changed their lives. We think we did a great job at telling the panel about our program and interesting ideas were developed at the presentation.

While we did not win the main award, we are all happy with the outcome and look forward to using the award money for more Community Café Dialogues and to expand the program.