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About Us

PaCSIA focuses on the causes and dynamics of social conflict, including conflicts in communities, organisations, and political conflicts. We work in Australia, the Pacific and Southeast Asia. Our work includes:
  • Culturally sensitive and cross-disciplinary research in partnership with local organisations.
  • Conflict analysis and conflict mapping.
  • Intervention design and facilitation of conflict transformation processes such as inter-group dialogue, mediation and problem-solving workshops.
  • Training of project partners, service providers and communities in conflict resolution, facilitation, capacity-building and organisational development, cultural fluency and constructive conflict engagement.
  • Participatory program evaluation and support of reflective practice.
  • Participatory Approach

    PaCSIA’s approach contributes to a better understanding of issues of conflict and peace through reflective practice, action research and participatory program design and evaluation. We provide pol- icy-relevant, innovative research results and recommendations, that are of practical relevance for the sustainable and peaceful development of communities and people in our region.

    PaCSIA team members have strong national and international reputations as scholars and practitioners and are well connected in the field of peace and conflict studies. We recognise and value non-Western local (customary, Indigenous) approaches to conflict resolution, fieldwork and qualitative research methods.

    Our work on the development and peace nexus, on issues of structural and cultural violence, and on the interplay of state- and non-state based provision of security and justice in hybrid political orders, is an expression of our orientation towards positive peace and acknowledgment of local capacities for peace